Incompability of rocket loader with WP Bakery

I wasn’t able to find a solution for incompability of Rocket Loader and WP Bakery.
With RL on, editor is not working. Page rule for turning RL off on wp-admin is ignored and plugin for script exceptions didn’t helped too because when I make exceptions, different errors shows up. For example, if I do exception for jquery.js it makes editor work, but main menu disapears.

I’m going to guess that Page Rule isn’t working because WP-Bakery is installed in wp-content/plugins. That may be worth a try.

No change. This is basicaly this same issue Rocket Loader stop working Visual Composer FrontEnd Editor but it ended up by talking about elementor and https.
I tried elementor’s approach and added another page rule for, no change. So I have no idea how page rules work…

But what I just noticed that when I hit edit button, fast switch to another tab, go back and editor is loaded alright… what that can be? I will play around with plugins a bit.

EDIT: Looks like it is just between Bakery and RL

My understanding is that for RL to be turned off, a page rule must be in place for the HTML that invokes the JS file, not the location of the JS file itself.

So if your WP back end is at the standard location, a page rule for /wp-admin* should suffice, provided that you purge everything (perhaps a couple of times) each time you toggle RL off, and, that the rule is properly ordered (see below).

However, you may want to prefer to limit the RL restriction to only the pages where page adding/editing is done, such as /wp-admin/page-new.php*, /wp-admin/page.php*, etc.

You may as well need a page rule for /*preview* so that when you are editing the page and requests a preview, the page with URL would not be RLed.

But there are ways in which themes and plugins change the default location shown above, so you may want to add and edit a test page and take note of the URL that is being used in the process.

Keep in mind that whatever page rules you chose to create, order matters. Only one page rule is triggered for any given URL, so you go from the most specific to the least specific.

PR1: /* Redirect from www to naked domain (or vice-versa)
PR2: /wp-admin/page-new.php* turn off Rocket Loader
PR3: /wp-admin* security, caching settings etc
PR4: /* cache-everything, edge cache ttl, etc

These are just examples that need to be adjusted to your site’s settings and your intended use. In my site that uses WP Bakery all I have are 3 page rules: (1) for the canonical redirect, (2) for /wp-* to turn RL off and some security and caching settings, and (3) for /* to cache everything.

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The only rule which helps to stop RL breaking wpbakery is for **
If I add anything else after the slash, for example w, *post.php, wp, etc. wpbakery front editor stops working.
But still, when I switch to other browser tab while the page is loading, it loads absolutly ok, I think this could be leading to the solution when page rules doesn’t help, but I have no idea what does that mean.

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