Incoming MailServer is not working For the Domain


Incoming MailServer is not working For the Domain name is . How can i fix it…


There are no MX records for the domain, they need to be added to the records in the dashboard.


yes, i have added now…


if it is not added for incoming, how can i add in there?


You haven’t added anything.

Go to the DNS tab of the Cloudflare dashboard, add a MX record. What you put there depends on what the mail service provider tells you to add there.

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i have added in there…


Can you provide a screenshot of the DNS tab? DNS it’s not returning anything, I doubt you have added anything. At least not in the correct spot.


I have godaddy hosting server and using roundcube mail server.


That is not how MX records work. You need to add an A record called mail pointing to the IP there, without enabling the proxying (so :grey:, not :orange:), then you add the MX record to the root, so @ or, with the server being

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