Incoming Emailsinto Domain - Errors "Address Not Found"

Total Noob here,

Set up Cloudflare, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, made DNS changes, Setup email routing, changed nameservers etc

Before I set up email routing, emails took forever to arrive into my inbox.

Now after I set up routing, I keep getting “address not found” bounce back daemons when trying to send an email to my domain inbox. Outgoing emails from the domain do send and arrive to their destination outside my domain.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction. Not the smartest but I am able to fall face-first into success lol.

Thank you.

Have you set up the target email addresses?

Okay i just set that up.

Now I can see the emails being dropped in the email routing summary.

I also tried to setup the catchall thru my catachall@“mydomain” email, but i can’t verify the email because I’m not receiving them.

You don’t verify the email address you are routing for (at the domain in Cloudflare), you need to verify the email address that they are to be forwarded to. Set those up here…

Yes my main email address is green verified.

That won’t work. You are forwarding emails to the same domain as on Cloudflare. Your destinations need to be to another hostname that reaches a mailbox, either something like Gmail, or another hostname (such as [email protected]` if you are using your own mail server). Otherwise the mails go into Cloudflare, and are forwarded to Cloudflare.

The bounce back from my gmail and yahoo emails I’m sending to the domain email has changed to
521: 5.3.0 Upstream error

okay. thank you. much appreciated

I suggest remove the the routing as I guess your steve@ email address is verified as it’s what you use to log in to Cloudflare. If your login requires any email confirmation, the current setup means you won’t get it so you could be locked out of your Cloudflare account and unable to fix it.

No my cloudlfare account is at my outside email (yahoo, gmail) thank god

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I’m looking at setting up stmp.swboutelle at my domain

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