Incoming emails going to spam folder

Hi, since we added Cloudflare to our site, lots of incoming emails end in the spam folder (even gmail from previous conversations and whitelisted contacts).

We contacted our hosting company and they deactivated every filter that could be related, but nothing changed. We have other sites in that hosting that are not using Cloudflare and they don’t have this problem, so I am fairly confident to believe this is a Cloudflare’s issue.

Also, when we started using Cloudflare we had a developer configure its email settings. Unfortunately, this developer is not reachable anymore so we don’t have any records on what he did.

Is anyone aware of any Cloudflare configuration that may be sending most of our incoming email to the spam folder?

Thanks in advance

Cloudflare doesn’t route email unless you’re using the beta forwarding service, which is unlikely.

You’d have to take a look at the full headers of a message that ends up in a spam folder to determine why. Your mail admin or host should be able to assist with this.

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