Include google reCAPTCHA in all my files


Cloudflare include google reCAPTCHA in all my files

how disable this?


What URL are we talking about?

Thats not Cloudflare related, you must have added this yourself.

i am disable Cloudflare and includes hide. Why?

Your records currently do point straight to your server and it shows up, so it is something on your end.

i am write to Hosts my IP server and includes hide.

I am not sure what you were trying to say but that comes from your server.

tell my your email please
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Your Cloudflare service is adding the Google Recaptcha code to all of my files. I’ve checked my server already and it doesn’t do this.

If I’m adding to the c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file IP of my server and open site, there is no Google Recaptcha anymore. Otherwise, it is visible.

I’ve tried this from different PCs, IP, browsers, and locations.

The result is the same: Cloudflare inserts Google Recaptcha code.

Your site was earlier configured to go straight to your server and it still showed that code.

this code showed is Cloudflare

please tell me support email

thank you

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