Include download .mp4 link in api request please

It’s really save time and easy to develop app without waste time to get .mp4 link.

After test and found the option to Enable MP4 Downloads option on each video after upload, this way very hard if has many video in Stream.

And yes, API to list video but it does not have the link to download mp4 like this: [Sample MP4 link]

Could you include MP4 Download link in API too please [API List videos] it really easy for me to fetch it into my flutter app, because now not yet support HLS Manifest URL.


Hi @sujaritnrc

You should be able to add a download link via api by using this documentation here: Download videos · Cloudflare Stream docs

Hi @louise2

I found that but if possible include it into API JSON here:

This make it easy to get it rather than make request other API call. This way I can use low-code platform just only calling to cloudflare API list videos than I can get that download link. Easy and straightforward for whom like me not Pro coder.

Include like this:

"playback": { "dash": "", "hls": "" "mp4": "" },

Just make it clear:

Currently Stream when click on each video to get all info like this:

but it required manually enable Download MP4 in setting. It is too difficult, instead please when any video are upload to Stream just auto generate download mp4 link than include inside JSON when API is called.

Here example: the current Stream JSON and just auto add mp4 link when API called in this part: “playback”:

cURL example

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \n

Response body

  "uid": "8a147146297281162c7f2d739d1",
  "meta": {
    "filename": "production_id_4629795 (2160p).mp4",
    "filetype": "video/mp4",
    "name": "production_id_4629795 (2160p).mp4",
    "relativePath": "null",
    "type": "video/mp4"
  "playback": {
    "hls": "",

"dash": ""

"mp4": ""
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I would also like that feature. I have several hundred videos I need to update and manually enabling mp4 is extremely painful. Should be easy for Cloudflare to enable that automatically or programmatically via the API.