Incident: Route Leak Impacting Cloudflare

There is a status page where you can see that there are some issue right now.


So can someone give answers??? i run an e commerce website and my customers can’t reach my website.

Same issue here. Normally Cloudflare would show always online message, instead I get “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”.

Update: Just seems to work again. And down again.

Same issue here, two sites down, but status page says it is OK?

It’s DNS problem and status on the page says nothing to us. Please, is there any proper explanation for it.

Now they are back up. Will keep monitoring.

Who is back?

My site was working now it’s back down again

My site is not working again

…and now my two sites went down again, and then they were up after a minute. Whats going on over at Cloudflare??

it is still down.

my site відеоспостереження not worked too

Identified - We have identified a possible route leak impacting some Cloudflare IP ranges and are working with the network involved to resolve this.
Jun 24, 11:36 UTC

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anyone have a contact of customer support Cloudflare?

You can keep your eye on updates here.

First time we’ve been effected by a Cloudflare outage in years. Hopefully they sort it soon.

I have tried their [email protected] but yet no response. I had assumed having a business account, they would have responded by now.

Outage looks localized. I believe support is trying to fix the problem, before answering emails.

my site 4g видеокамера not worked again

Not that localized, looking at

It looks localized and scattered. On my websites I am seeing traffic, from different countries and others no.