Inbound Domain Transfer in Limbo

Hello All,

I am transferring a domain from Namesilo. On the Cloudflare side I see this:

Transfer Progress

  • Unlock domain (done)
  • Disable Privacy (done)
  • Enter auth code (done)
  • Payment - 1 year renewal $8.03 (done)
  • Approve transfer at NameSilo (not done)

When I do to Namesilo I see no way to “approve the transfer.” When I get on support chat I am told they do not see the transfer request, Any idea how I can move it forward? The domain is expired and in its grace period. Thank you!

In that case you most likely cannot transfer it and need to renew with the original registrar.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure that’s the problem. I have moved other expired domains here from Namesilo.

Expired domains typically cannot be transferred. What’s the domain? But you’ll most likely have to contact support, the community can’t do anything anyhow.


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