Inadvertently created vnet "help" and cannot delete it

As the title says. I deleted a different one just to make sure I’m still sane, and I indeed am. Basically cloudflared will allow you to create a tunnel named “help”, but passing that name to cloudflared tunnel vnet delete thinks I’m asking for help for delete.

I am unable to recreate this issue on Windows.

C:\Users\Jake> cloudflared tunnel vnet add help
Successfully added virtual 'network' help with ID: bdc7ddc2-b25b-46d3-a47f-1435038cd99a
You can now add IP routes attached to this virtual network. See `cloudflared tunnel route ip add -help`

C:\Users\Jake> cloudflared tunnel vnet delete help
Successfully deleted virtual network 'help'

Well now I have no idea what I was doing. Helps gone now.

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