Inaccurate documentation: "Fun With DNS"

The Fun With DNS documentation for has outdated information. Since for Families was announced today, people might stumble upon it by accident. Notably:

  • The username listed in DNS over Telegram is incorrect. That page lists onedotonedotonedotonebot, but the correct username appears to be onedotonedotonedotonedotbot, though I’m unable to properly verify that. Please confirm internally before updating the documentation.
  • DNS over SMS has been discontinued. Sending a message to the listed number results in a response saying as much.
  • DNS over Twitter appears to be dead.
  • DNS over email appeared to be dead. Update: I received a response eventually, so never mind on this one.
  • I didn’t actually test DNS over Tor, but there’s no alt-svc header in the response as listed in that documentation, which leads me to believe it might be broken. At the very least, those instructions are incorrect.