In which countries CloudFlare have CDN?


Hello Everybody!

My question is simple, in which countries CloudFlare have CDN?

Maybe the answer is but I’m not sure.



That is correct. That’s all of them, and when you scroll down, you get the full list. Some of the countries have high bandwidth costs, so free plans don’t get routed through them.


That is the current list yes. We’ve got a pretty aggressive roadmap for adding additional PoPs this year so I anticipate the number of countries will increase and coverage in regional geographies within a few will improve as well. Australia however… oi vey. :smiley:


Thanks for the answer. How can I know which are working for free plans? For example, Buenos Aires (AR). Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s a good question actually. Because it is a bit of a moving target (ideally we want them all to be available on all plans). At the moment here’s what I think I know, but you might contact support if you have questions about a particular POP.

China Network: Enterprise Only (Not part of any standard plan, requires purchase of China network and customer to acquire and maintain an ICP license).
Australia: Business plan and above
India: A mixed bag… some POPs or telco providers may require paid plans.

In some countries, peering is limited (we are always working to improve this) and a colo may not be available to users with a particular network provider because the provider doesn’t peer with Cloudflare in region. Our peering relationships have been evolving very quickly so we may not peer with telco A today, but tomorrow that may not be true so it is difficult for us to provide an exact answer in most cases.

will say we’ve been very focused on LatAm this year so we’ve made some significant improvements and have plans to continue that expansion. Right now i think we’re good, but we want to be hands down the best. :slight_smile:


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