In trouble with DNS setting, I think, Please help

Hi Guys,

I am not entirely sure this is where I can post this.

If this is not the place, please be kind to guide me to the proper community.

If this is indeed where I can ask for review + help, please bear with me and review the following, which is what happened so far:

① The domain I am referring to is It is registered under HostPapa and the (old) website was hosted under GoDaddy.

② I wanted to move her website to Squarespace. So, when I contacted HostPapa about pointing the domain ( to the (current) web page on Squarespace, the tech support at HostPapa suggested me to open up a Cloudflare account to manage the DNS records there. So, I opened up a Cloudflare account and connected the Cloudflare account to the domain (on HostPapa) using the instruction provided.

③ Then, I contacted Squarespace for the instruction regarding the (new) DNS records, which I typed in on the Cloudflare’s DNS record page.

④ After all these, Squarepsace said it would take up to 72 hours to connect the domain ( to Squarespace. Earlier this morning, after 72 hours, it still hasn’t connected.

⑤ So, I contacted Squarespace and HostPapa:

Squarespace said “We have verified your DNS records are entered correctly, if these are entered where the nameservers are pointing to (cloudlfare) then you’ll need to reach out to the provider since there is something in the way keeping them from being found.”

HostPapa said: “Probably it’s not being connected because the CDN on your Cloudflare dashboard is active. You can disable it by going to your Cloudflare dashboard → DNS → set the cloud to gray, as DNS Only.” And I turned off per his suggestion, as you can see on the screenshot below.

⑥ Now, the reason why I am writing on this board for help is that I am worried if something is still wrong on the setting.

⑦ I know very little about DNS & Network management, so, I have attached below the screenshots of HostPapa’s Nameservers page, Cloudflare’s DNS records page, and Squarespace’ DNS Settings page. – Please help.

Thank you so much. -_-;


Let me add how it was solved for the future reference:

Adding the domain cname content to Cloudflare dns records as TXT record solved the issue and connected the domain to Squarespace quite quickly.

Happy now. ^^;

Thank you, guys!


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