In Transform Rules, what's the most efficient way to set an "always true" condition?

In all my transform rules I had to do something like this to make them always function:

It’s kind of gross… how do others handle this? Is there a more efficient way? Maybe a single-line instead of a two-line?

I thought about “Continent does not equal Antarctica” but that may not be 100% fool-proof because you never know… not really future-proof either

I’ve used "AS Num greater than or equal to 1 ip.geoip.asnum ge 1 in the past, since that should match every single network request, but I’m not sure if there’s a better or more suggested way to do this.

You could do the same with just specifying a hostname(s) too as the criteria.

Agree, we need to make the UX for ‘always run’ simpler and will be soon.
For now, ‘edit expression’ and type in true.


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