In this case, is the certificate renewed successfully?

I added the web that was used on other servers to Cloudflare.
Cloudflare then applies the Let’s Encrypt that was applied on that server,
which is still used. (Usually there expect a certificate issued by Cloudflare)
I am also changing the hosting server together.
(Please note that the SSL certificate here is a user-Cloudflare certificate. not Cloudflare-Server)

The expiration date of Let’s Encrypt is April 4th. Is this certificate renewed?
It may be changed to a Cloudflare issued certificate. I still do not mind.
What I am worried about is that the certificate is not renewed and the website can not be browsed.

On the Crypto page, “Universal SSL” is enabled.

Are you referring to the certificate on Cloudflare or the one on your server? The former is managed by Cloudflare and automatically renewed, the latter is not.

I registered some web site to Cloudflare.
Most of them are issued with Cloudflare certificates and applied.
I don’t need to worry about this.

The reason I am in trouble is that there is a web to which Let ’s Encrypt is applied.
Why is it not a Cloudflare issued certificate?

Can I take any action to renew a certificate in a situation where expiring a certificate is imminent?

I have tried the steps to run “Disable Universal SSL”(and Enable a few minutes) in this community,
but it will continue to apply Let ’s Encrypt. If it has expired, I may try it again.

Whats your domain?

it’s here (Japanese site):

Which Cloudflare plan are you on? Did you purchase a dedicated certificate?

I am using any Free plan. Custom certificates are not purchased or issued.
Therefore I expect Cloudflare to automatically issue a certificate.

Either Cloudflare has changed something or something else is going on.
For starters, open a support ticket.

Also, tagging @cloonan and @cs-cf

Yes. I think this is an unintended situation. I open a support ticket.
Thank you for your support!

Cloudflare isn’t a certificate authority, so all of our public facing certificates are issued by a 3rd party. Let’s Encrypt is one of the certificate authorities we use. The certificate will be automatically renewed prior to expiration, no action is required.

Though Cloudflare is often an intermediate certificate, also the CN typically pointed to whereas here Cloudflare is nowhere to be seen and the CN actually points to the domain.

Did anything change? Thats 0.7 to five coffees more a month, depending on where one lives ($5 saved) :smile:

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Perhaps you are not yet aware of recent changes.

I linked my web site here. This was added to Cloudflare in February:

Status of issuance of the certificate:

There is “Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-2”:

I have not obtained specific information on this. I think that is a recent change.

Well…isn’t that interesting. Yes, it appears Cloudflare is now using Let’s Encrypt to issue some certificates, as @cs-cf said.

This is cool and exciting.

I got a reply from Cloudflare support. Their response was quick. (It’s great!)
It was given priority of the certificate that was used before server.
It may be caused by server conditions when adding to Cloudflare.

I think your comments are also correct. You should have a lot of information and experience.
It is possible to apply Let’s Encrypt at the timing.
Either way the certificate is renewed, I can wait a little more. But that’s 7 days left.

I removed concerns by moving and to another CDN.
I like Cloudflare, so the other webs will continue to maintain Cloudflare.

Thank you for the comment. There are great people in this community!

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