In the Overview section there is no our country Rus

for a long time I watch in WAF no filtering of visits from our country rus

we cannot conduct analytics to understand why blocking occurs. What to do?
filtering is disabled

there is an assumption that someone cut out our country from the statistics

Are you saying nothing shows up at

yes, my country is not here, although 95%
traffic is all ru

Well, for me it shows up


So there shouldn’t be any filter. You do know that only lists blocked requests, so it does not really matter if 95 percent of your traffic is Russian, it might not be blocked. Do you have any firewall rules in place?

Again, this does not mean you have no Russian visits. Do you want to block Russian requests?

no i want to find the problem.
We have a service
they swear by errors of non-availability of robots.
I wanted to check for Russian visits from Yandex and make adjustments.

since I don’t see these visits I don’t know how to fix the error.
I used to be able to see visits but something has changed in your Cloudflare service in half a year.
In addition, visits from Russia allow you to see spam by the bot on their requests and I can additionally make a number of changes

That would suggest it’s not blocked by Cloudflare. Maybe your server blocks something. You need to check which response they get and check who sends that response.

and how to technically ask a hosting provider a question?
as specialists should check on their servers.
and find technical information that will help you enable and display monitoring in Cloudflare visits and russia

Yes, that’s a question for whomever runs your server.

our hosting responded that he did not know how to help, because he did not see the direct causes of technical errors.

I think there is a problem with Cloudflare
I see all our visits from Russia in the analytics section.
but they are not in the security logging section
how can there be a hosting problem? I don’t think so

We are going a bit in circles here. Cloudflare obviously lists Russia for traffic, why it does not show up under firewall is something I explained already before.

please explain again why we do not see the logging of visits from the country rus
in other words.
We really don’t understand please

As I already mentioned, I already explained that before. You do need to read the replies you are getting.

we have a test site for experiments.
With a different domain, and there were visits from Russia yesterday and today
no data on visits in the report

Once again, this is not visits.

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