In setting up a new domain can I remove all dns records and replace it with setting from my company?

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I don’t need all the past nameservers, can I delete all and just add my own 2 new ones and one for email ???

May I ask if you’d like to have a “copy-paste solution”, like make sure the existing DNS records for your domain stay the same at Cloudflare while using Cloudflare’s nameservers?

During the setup and adding a domain name to your Cloudflare account, you’ve been assigned a pair (2) new Cloudflare’s nameservers which you have to add to your domain registrar. The old ones you have to remove.

Furthermore, related to the DNS records (not nameservers), I’d suggest you to double-check if you can export the existing ones, because there is an option to import them to the Cloudflare.
Otherwise, you’d manually add them and after you’ve done, you change the nameservers and wait for the propagation process.

The nameservers for a domain name and email usually are the same.
Therefrom, doesn’t limit you and you can definitely have a 3rd-party e-mail service provider (which uses different nameservers, if so).

Regarding the DNS records, later you can add or remove the DNS records which you need or don’t anymore.

To answer your question from the topic title, during the setup, yes you can.

Feel free to write back with any questions you’d have so we could help.

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