In 'queue' even though NS records were updated 48 hours ago

Hi, I’m stuck on the “Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)” page, even though we updated the nameservers on Friday. Can anyone give any advice? Local nslookup output below and check any site you like for foreign servers… I should think 48 hours would be enough… No idea where Cloudflare’s central servers are. Sorry, I’ve had to remove most of the below output, as it tell me I am adding ‘links’…

Server: x.x.x.x
Address: x.x.x.x#53

Non-authoritative answer:
(site) nameserver =
(site) nameserver =

For reference for CF employees the domain is:

As I said I couldn’t add it before due to ‘links’ rule…



The change needs to be made at your registrar. Currently your registrar has the following nameservers listed according to a whois lookup:

Name Server: DNS1.IDP365.NET
Name Server: DNS2.IDP365.NET
Name Server: DNS3.IDP365.NET

Thank you, but we thought we’d done this… we have certainly updated the zone file with your two name servers and removed the third. This was last Friday. Can you explain the difference between the whois result that nslookup?

$ nslookup -type=ns

Non-authoritative answer:
(domain) nameserver = lorna. ns.Cloudflare .com.
(domain) nameserver = arch. ns.Cloudflare .com.

(Again sorry the output is fubar’d - links rule…)

If you have dig on your machine you can run dig +trace ns

I’m not sure how to run the equivalent in nslookup, but the root is delegated to the nameservers I mentioned and then those nameservers delegate to Cloudflare. We need ot be the only delegation and that is set at the registrar.

Ah yes, cheers, we’re checking with our provider and will let you know. Must be a misunderstanding on our part or an idiosyncrasy with their service. Worst case they only do delegation and we’ll have to do a domain transfer… meh… but thanks again for your help!

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