In order to transfer domains, you must add a payment method

I am a Superadmin on our account but I don’t pay the bills.
I gave Billing permissions to another member of the organisation and I am advised that he has added card details to the account today.
However, when I try to transfer our domain, I still see the message saying “In order to transfer domains, you must add a payment method”.
Do I really have to be the one who pays?
Or do I have to entrust a non-technical bill-payer with the responsibility of organising the transfer?
It seems that with so many different permissions available, and multiple members having access to the account, it would make sense that someone who manages finances could have permissions for Billing and more technical people would manage IT.
Can someone enlighten me?
Perhaps I’m just premature and the ability to transfer domains will be “unlocked” a little later?

Do you see payment info here:

If you do then I would open a billing ticket with support here:

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