In one browser my sub domain redirects to another one of my domains

the subdomain is setup with proxy, in one browser my sub domain redirects to another one of my domains, in another browser it shows the website its meant to. the redirect was cached when i inspected it, so i disabled cache in the browser and it still happens.

I have two page rules that i added since i last visited this subdomain, but they are attached to different subdomains on the same top level domain.

The browser may have cached the redirects and still remembers them. Getting rid of them depends on the browser.

unfortunately, i did disable the cache and am still getting the redirect.

with some browser the clearing of the cache will leave the redirects and the fav icons in place, it can be hard to clear, i have gone so far as to remove the browser and reinstall, but there is probably a better way

thanks, but i was able to inspect the response was fresh after disabling the cache in the problem browser, it is not a cache issue.

well, it’s not necessary part of the website content cache, the redirects seems to stick, on some browsers you can do a hard refresh, with a Shift F5 or Control F5

as i have said in all of my posts including the original, i have disabled cache on the request.

in chrome from the DevTools, checkbox “disable cache (when DevTools is open)”.

this always works in all my experience and is confirmed by the status code showing “Status Code: 301 (from disk cache)” with it off, and “Status Code: 301” when cache is disabled.

the browser is remembering the permanent redirect 301, despite the cache being cleared. getting rid of that depends on the browser. some have a hard refresh to do this

please stop and move on, I have tested your theory on disabling cache in chrome not working, by creating a page with a redirect and then changing it, it remembers it normally, but gets the fresh changed redirect when cache is disabled as i outlined, you are wrong.

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