.in not a registered domain

I have a domain " linkdev.in" .And i want to connect it with Cloudflare .but i am getting error of domain not registered :confused: can anybody tell whats the problem .

Can you Open a Separate thread ?

Hi @swatjames23 ,


It’s because the domain is not registered till now . After buying the Domain only you can register it to cloudflare

You can buy the domain from any of Domain Registar

Here’s some Domain Regsitar’s & Price


Edit - The domain is the registered but still doesn’t appear in WHOIS , I Guess you have registered the domain recently with some domain register , So you need to wait like 24 hours or Contact your Domain Provider on this !

but sir I have already registered this domain still getting this error

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I think you are right only 12 hrs right now have pass

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Yes , wait till some more wait if that doesn’t appear contact your domain provider .

Hello, do you support the .in domain zone? More than 48 hours have passed, and the panel says that the domain is not registered.

This could be due to some reasons have a took a look at

Thank you, I’ll try everything now

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Your most welcome , Glad your Issue is Fixed .

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