In need of Account Level Custom Nameserver

Hi everyone

As a small startup based in Nepal, we love Cloudflare and its features. However, one essential feature that we require currently is Custom Nameserver at the account level, given that we need to host multiple websites for our clients.

Sadly, this feature is only available on the Business plan, which is beyond our current budget at $200/month. We can afford it once we become profitable, but the cost is quite daunting for us at the moment.

Therefore, we are exploring options that can help us get account-level custom nameservers, is there any Startup discounts we can get or anything we can get on PRO plan for custom nameservers?

Any suggestions or advice for us is very much appreciated, Thank you


You need to have a Business plan or higher to be set the vanity nameservers.

You can check all the details here:

You will find here all information about startup Program:


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