In Los Angeles, Data Center shows SJC instead of LAX?

In the Los Angeles area and Cloudflare has always used the “LAX” data center but I hooked up a new router today and set up the Cloudflare DNS servers and noticed that the data center now says “SJC.”

Can someone tell me why it’s bypassing the closer LAX for up north (SJC). Is this an error or intentional?

Please advise.

It happens. It could be that LAX is overloaded, not well connected to your provider, or even a newer/faster link between yourself and SJC.

Check again after a couple days.

I’m in the same boat, despite there being a Cloudflare data center in my city, all of the main residential ISPs and mobile phone vendors route me to one of three other cities (one of which is in a different country). It just happens that the particular exchange that Cloudflare connected to doesn’t directly peer well within the city.


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