In-house Mail server setup issue - SPF/DMark

I am trying to setup in-house mail server for above domain. I am able to send and receive emails to business domains and Gmail but facing problem with Microsoft. I can send email to Microsoft address but can’t receive from Microsoft address. There is some conflicts in SPF or Demark. Need help on this please.

Hi @khalidminhas

Have you tried to run the records in MXToolbox? Here it’s possible to run a test both on spf and DMARC record.

You can also try and enable DMARC management as this will help you configure these records.

Yes, I have setup as per my understanding. The domain name is Can you help me to troubleshoot the problem?

Did you check if there is any information about the emails you expected to receive in your mail log?

Your MX record looks good, and SPF/DMARC don’t have anything to do with receiving.

Any chance you were using Microsoft email for your domain in the past? I remember that someone had problems receiving emails from Microsoft because Microsoft routed the emails internally to an inbox.

Actually, here is the possible test cases with status.

Sending email from to any business domain: Success

I get error when I try to send email to my domain from hotmail

Simply see issue when send from hotmail to my address gave this error:
Message rejected per SPF policy

And you are sending from an address?

yes. hotmail get error on sending.

Your message wasn’t delivered because the recipient’s email provider rejected it. gave this error:
Message rejected per SPF policy

Can you send an email to [email protected] for testing from your hotmail address?

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