In Cloudflare DNS records are automatically changed

I added a TypeA record in Cloudflare DNS, but the next day TypeA record changed to CNAME, that’s why my site is not working. The site address is Please solve my issue. the issue is from Cloudflare only, I have changed API also, and again the same issue is repeated…

Review your Audit logs. Cloudflare isn’t changing your DNS entries.


Hi there,

I can confirm that your DNS records are being updated via API.
Please check your Audit logs.

You may need to change/lockdown your entire API application if this is being done without your knowledge (on top of rolling a new Cloudflare API key).

Thank you.

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Thanks for your support.I have tried to make change for api key(change the api key) but its giving me error .unable to recognize or invalid password

Again my site is not working. DNS records of subdomain typeA changed to CNAME automatically…this is the impact for adsence approve… Please solve my issue…

This isn’t an issue for Cloudflare to solve. You have authorized another tool (likely Ezoic, but you’d know best since you authorized it) to make changes to your DNS and it is changing it as you have directed it to.

Try resetting your Cloudflare password and then change the API key if you are still receiving the error and/or revoke the control you have delegated to the tool that is making the changes as you directed it to.

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I have changed Cloudflare password & API key also still facing the issue…

Again in the DNS record, TypeA changed to CNAME… so my website is not working… Please help me to solve the issue…

Have you invited others to manage your account? Have they reset their API keys? What tool have you allowed to manage your account? Do you use Ezoic? It is the most common. Have you revoked it’s access?

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