In business plan, How long does it take to assign ticket

Here we have just activated business plan. We believed that median response time is less than 2 hours. but it seems not in our case.
We asked for “cname setup” to be enabled.
it’s already more than 7 hours. but no one is assigned or least takes place to clarify the case, except bot helper.
is there any initial wait time for support to pick issue?

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That’s not what median time means. That’s an average across all Business tickets. CNAME setup is a bit more than someone looking into your account. It requires an engineer to configure your zone for that CNAME.

Can you post the ticket number here? That tends to make sure it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

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Thanks for responding, we created 2 ticket before and after activating business plan. you may merge them. ticket numbers are 2073797 and 2073756.
about CNAME setup, can you estimate least time to to be enabled and started protection for single web?
we currently serving name server on our own.

Hi @ptulgaa I did merge your tickets, added myself to them, and included a link to this discussion. I see the plan you were asking about is active, but your name server change has not yet been confirmed and the site is not yet active with Cloudflare.

When did you change your name servers with your domain registrar? You should have two name servers as shown at the bottom of the dns app of your cloudflare dashboard, something like, remove the old name servers, copy and paste the cloudflare name servers. It can take 24-hours (give or take) for that change to been seen and propagated.

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hi @cloonan,
I’m glad that someone picked up our request at last.
hope you able to see ticket reply and understand that we are not about to replace name server for our root domain. According to this documentation

  1. Cloudflare Support will confirm the CNAME setup has been enabled.
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