Improving P2P Connection performance

Currently in the process of building an application that relies very heavily on P2P UDP connections. I’ve been looking at Spectrum and wondering if that could realistically be used to improve the connection speeds and performance between the users. I believe that our main issues reside in network congestion along the connection routes, but I haven’t found a good way to test this.

Does Spectrum work for this use case? Is there another solution to this?


The way spectrum works is that a single hostname is set up to proxy either TCP or UDP traffic to a single host, so I doubt even enterprise Spectrum (which is required for raw traffic) would work for you since creating a new spectrum application for each user isn’t feasible.

In addition, since spectrum is a proxy, it’s almost certainly always going to add latency to packets. Even regular Cloudflare will add a few milliseconds to your website’s TTFB and packets, the only thing that helps is Argo which uses their private data center backhaul (and AFAIK spectrum traffic doesn’t use it right now). The main use case for spectrum is DDOS protection for raw traffic services.

Support had confirmed in a ticket with me a few months ago that Argo for Spectrum is enabled by default for Pro and Business plans, with no option to disable it, it’s always-on. Only Enterprise can turn it off/on.

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