Improving My Pagespeed score

Hello everyone, I started using Cloudflare recently and I am glad that my website is performing really well.

However, I am concerned about my page speed score as I would like to improve it. I have read several tutorials online and none seemed to work.

URL is:
Please help take a look at it if you have the time and help with contributions as to what I can implement.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m sure PageSpeed gives specific information on what you need to do. Which of their suggestions are you having trouble with?

The image shows the problem.

Thank you.

Cloudflare can’t help with those, as those are issues with how your site is designed. You can click on each warning and it will explain the problem. The Cookie warning is a minor quibble, as Cloudflare cookies don’t impact site performance. And you can’t get rid of Cloudflare cookies.

Okay, I’ll take note of that. Thanks!

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