Improvements for Cloudflare


After using Cloudflare for some time, I would like to offer the following feedback;

  1. Please Improve the Partner Portal: I prefer the personal CF set up over the partner set up, mainly because I can easily add domains in the personal set up. I wish CF would make the partner portal the same as or similar to the personal portal and allow us the ability to add domains manually - but with the added bonus of the extras (railgun etc). The partner portal is not ideal for a SME as it is - I usually need to add my clients to the CF set up and can’t always do that from an app.

  2. Create a pricing plan that allows us to access pro features for e.g up to 30 or 50 domains - similar to DNS Made Easy with $60 yr for 25 domains… allow us to access load balancing across many domains not just per domain.

There is more - but that to get started with :wink:

This one is possible, at least within a single personal account you can CNAME to a load balancer on another domain and access it cross domains (but, not across Cloudflare accounts).

Thanks - could you explain more about this option?

In my case I have a load balancer at lb01.mydomain.example, and then in otherdomain.example I created a CNAME (for @, and www) which points to lb01.mydomain.example.

Load balancers exist and are accessible from the account level (available to all domains), but only domains within the one account.

Thanks for illustrating.

Interested to know more about your setup. Am I correct in thinking that:

  1. The CF load balancer on lb01.mydomain.example looks at origin server and if it is down, it then points traffic to to otherdomain.example

  2. On otherdomain.example DNS for e.g. @ and www is pointing to an alternative server?

  3. At the alternative server, you have a copy of the website that is at lb01.mydomain.example

Excuse my ‘simpleness’ thank you.

Not exactly. I have two connections to my home-office across separate modems, so I use the load manager to split traffic between them and to quickly failover if one goes down, and finally, to failover to a VPS I have in an external facility as a backup.

The VPS mostly gives an informative error message, although there are a few queries it can answer directly.

I actually do the reverse on other sites too, although in a different way, some of the sites hosted on the VPS failover to my on-site servers which display an error message with a contact form — This predates my use of Cloudflare and uses a different solution, but could just as easily end up on Cloudflare in the future.

The fact that there are additional domains which CNAME to the same is mostly unrelated to the configuration, except that they use the same pattern, and in the Cloudflare case they all use one load balancer configuration at my main domain.

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