Improved at first, Does nothing at last

Hello! I’m using Cloudflare Warp to boost my daily internet activities such as Internet Browsing and gaming. It does help at the first week, but then everything turned to the same old slow internet. Even with the Warp on, just asking; Is there any reason behind this?

No, WARP isn’t blocked. Antivirus doesn’t detect it as malware, and Firewall is allowing the connection.

And no, ISP hadn’t blocked it. While i did say it was slow, my internet is sort of more stable than before.

And for gaming, the ping or latency turns from 60ms (this was when i use WARP), to 300ms - 1000+ms (this was when WARP started to not make a difference)


Forgot to mention, If my topic isn’t the correct one, my apologies! It is my first time here.