Improve website performance

I currently have 2 problems in my site.

1 - I’m starting to clean up the wp-option fields on my database again.

I discovered there are many fields starting with the name litespeed among which I found litespeed.cloudflare.api .
I have Cloudflare’s plugin installed, so these fields come from Cloudflare’s plugin, right?

2 - Currently my Total Blocking Time status is very high and in red. Although I have already installed Cloudflare’s TBTT plugin, what should I do next to improve my performance?

We look forward to receiving everyone’s help and guidance.

Thank you very much.

May I ask if you’re asking about the official Cloudflare plugin for WordPress, or rather some other like Super Page Cache for Cloudflare?

It does contain few fields at least, one for the API key/token for sure. Other’s should not be since the requests are done via the API client as far as I know.
Could be other caching plugins added some fields on their own.
Consider and be careful while clearing your database on your own or via some database maintenance plugin to delete old transients, etc.

I am not familiar with this plugin. Not sure if it’s developed and published by Cloudflare.

Could contain it’s own fields related to the Cloudflare integration and implementation they’ve developed and are using on their way.

I’d like to suggest and share some tips & tricks from my posts here to help you a bit with it:

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