Improve the process of adding domain names

When adding a fresh new domain to Cloudflare:

  • Add a skip scan option.
  • Add a bulk delete feature after the scan finished.
    It would save time, especially when users need to delete a lot of old, unnecessary records generated by cPanel etc.

When adding back an added domain to Cloudflare:
(The domain was expired then renewed; Its NS would still be Cloudflare’s old Nameservers)
Send the zone file to the user before automatically delete domains.
(If the domain’s NS was the domain provider’s or hosting provider’s, users could still get it back, but if it had already been changed to Cloudflare, it may be gone; We don’t know how long it would last)
Add an option to keep using old nameservers.
(Cloudflare would assign two new nameservers when it found domain’s nameservers are Cloudflare’s. Every time a domain expires, I need to change the nameserver to others to make Cloudflare think it’s not using Cloudflare, then change it back to Cloudflare’s old nameservers.)

This is because different accounts can add domains to Cloudflare.
But this is really a bit troublesome. Users must first add the domain name to Cloudflare and then modify NS. NS takes a long time to take effect. If NS can be modified in advance and then the domain name is added to Cloudflare, this waiting time can be saved.
In order to verify domain ownership, could one of the NSs be designed to be unique to each Cloudflare account?