Improve server response time and minimize HTTP redirects


I have configured my new website(WordPress) for a client -

Problem - Using GTMetrix, I see the website loading time exceeds 5 secs which is too much for a simple content-based website. How this can be improved?

  1. The website is hosted on Godaddy Server using Linux hosting.
  2. Cloudflare ‘Always use HTTPS’ and HSTS is enabled.
  3. I see server response time to redirect takes around 2 secs.

I want the website to load under 3 secs maximum. What can be done without changing the server, since I have multi-domain hosting?

Thanks in advance.

I think you should read and configure page rules to speed things up.

Isn’t this the same thing?

I created a page rule - HTTPS redirects and revoke ‘Always use HTTPS’ from edge certificate section.

Even now, if I enter ‘’ then GTMetrix says -

Avoid landing page redirects for the following chain of redirected URLs.

and page load time exceeds 5 secs.

try these rules. cache everything, browser edge ttl, edge cache ttl. Please read how to manage cookie before you try these options.

These updates to the page rules certainly reduced the initial server response time, saving around 1 sec. Now the response time is around 4 secs. Thankyou.
Any further advice to improve load times?

do u have a paid plan for free?

I am using FREE plan for now.

consider using paid plan. Use autoptimize or some php cache like APCu/opcache. optimize expires headers/cache-control headers. use gzip/deflate at server.

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