Improve 'Cumulative Layout Shift'


Am getting the following report in CF Speed test result:
Cumulative Layout Shift : 0.46
Configure your cache rules.
Cache Rules customize cache properties of your HTTP requests. [Learn more about Cache Rules]
[Visit Cache Rules]

I have created a rule :
( contains “”)
Cache eligibility : eligible for cache
Edge TTL : Ignore cache-control header and use this TTL : 4 days
Browser TTL : Override origin and use this TTL : 4 days

The website is small and pure HTML which does use cookies etc and will be not be updated. I just want the maximum performance for visitors using the free plan.

Is there something I’m missing ?

Ensure images have set dimensions, use font-display: swap for fonts, and reserve space for dynamic content like ads to improve your CLS score. Your cache rules are appropriate for maximizing performance.

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