Improve Analytics

Some information are only available in the API, like bytes sent per content type. Since the data is already there, why not include in the Analytics page? Currently it only shows the total requests per type.

CloudFlare is already gathering some data for Analytics, so it would be awesome to see improvements on that front to have a basic replacement for Google Analytics:

  • Visitors per country (per state would be great, but not really necessary for a basic replacement)
  • Pages served per day/month
  • Device type (desktop, mobile [Android, iPhone, other], tablet)
  • Time per session (not necessary but it’s good for some metrics)
  • Retain data for at least 2 years, so we can compare and measure progress

A lot of people don’t need an overkill solution like GAnalytics, and we know that it’s free because Google uses our collected data. Also, GAnalytics and similar solutions are being blocked by most adblockers that include privacy settings.

Cloudflare Analytics and Google Analytics operator differently.

Cloudflare reports the hits that it receives for your sites whereas Google Monitors users activity on the site. You can see unique visitors.
You can see requests per country however requests is different than visitors.
Cloudflare is unable to get time per session because it only logs requests and a user can load a page then be there for 5 minutes or 30 seconds but there is no monitoring.

The pages served, device type and retaining can all be done with logflare.