Improve abuse / dmca notification to avoid fake claims

I seen Cloudflare forwards any complaints received to our hosts, nothing wrong with that, but I seen many situations where the complaints / claims are illegal, companies that have no relation to the content make fake claims in order to disable our server(s).

Most hosts do not care much about investigation, if they receive X requests, they disable our server(s).

Most recent, RiskIQ claims that a file on my site contains malware, and they represent Coinbase so I need to take the URL offline. The mentioned URL is fully clean (scanned with Virustotal API) and it has zero connections to Coinbase.
This is pure abuse.

In order to avoid fake complaints …
Is it possible for Cloudflare to include something like this at the top of the forwarded complaint ?

Cloudflare advises the service providers to carefully review each claim before taking actions.
And to consider that some claims might be made in an abusive manner.

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