Impossible to upload files to my site

Hello everyone,

Since I protect my site with Cloudflare, it is impossible for us or our users to upload files to our site.

I have to deproxy the site to make it work.

Is there an option to put in place so that we can have this possibility again

Thanks in advance

That suggests that you are using something which is not proxiable. In that case you can’t “do” that over Cloudflare, but will have to connect directly. Either use the IP address directly or have an unproxied record where you connect to, everything else can stay proxied.

Thank you for your answer.

But if I deproxy, what is the point of doing so to protect my site if I have to disable it to allow uploads?

My site will not be secure anymore :frowning:

As I said you can leave everything else proxied. If that is not an option you should use the other way I suggested.

Also, if your site is not secure without Cloudflare, you should definitely secure that first. Cloudflare is only an additional layer but you can’t depend on it is only one.

I didn’t understand :frowning:
can we specify a URL that should not be proxyfied ?
because the URL in question is part of my domain

As I mentioned, you can create one unproxied DNS record via which you upload the data.

Post a screenshot of the error you are getting.

in fact I just saw, that the blocking is done on some file extension.
Are there any files that we can not proxify?

From that screenshot it is not clear what the error is.

As that is web-based it might actually be the proxies which block something. You could also try whitelisting your IP address.

As for creating an unproxied record, that is done in the DNS section. I’d also highly recommend to check out as well as to use the search here to get a proper understanding of what Cloudflare is and how it works.

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in fact I think that some file extensions are not proxifiable.
I will contact the support to know how we can do.

Thank you for your time and your answers

I’d also try whitelisting.

that is to say ?

To whitelist your IP address under IP access rules.

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Clarifying because I can read French: apparently, he is on a webpage where he uploads files and the SVG file failed to upload where the PDF one did.

Regarding your problem, @Mikel59, what’s the size of the .svg file? Is it bigger than the .pdf file?
Oh and, if you’re French, tell me so I can reply in French.

I am not sure where French comes in here, as there is no specific error, and we are also not in the French part of the forum, so we should stick to English.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the size. Considering the OP said it only happens when proxied there’ll be most likely some block involved, which would be evident from the event log, hence why I mentioned he should whitelist his address.

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As mentioned, you should check out the firewall event log for any blocks and whitelist your address.

can you watch me where I can find this information ? On CloudFlare ?

Sure, Cloudflare’s own firewall event log.

i do have test to put a file which is bloqued, it 's always in error, and I don’t see firewall log

My bad, I see error NOW

It’s WAF Blocking