Impossible to select language of closed captions in Safari iOS

When using the Cloudflare Stream player in safari on iOS with several languages for captions, tapping on one of the languages doesn’t seem to have any effect: the list of languages disappear, but no captions get displayed.

(it becomes possible to select the language switching to fullscreen mode)

Web is Communications - TAD Summit Asia Spring 2021, Dominique Hazael-Massieux is an example of this occurring (with English and Chinese captions available)

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I’m able to toggle any of them and see the CCs though. Note: I’m not in full screen view.

is that in Safari on iOS? I’ve edited the body of my message to clarify this since this was only mentioned in the subject of my post

Sorry I mislook the topic subject. I did test it in Chrome.

Let me try again in Safari.

By the way, since @TKlein is on duty, maybe he can take a look at this.

Works for me in Safari (MacOS), but not on iOS Safari. I’d assume that there are some JavaScript functions used not supported in there.

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Maybe @zaid can take a look as the PM for Cloudflare Stream.

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@dom6 A fix just went live for this — thanks for reporting!


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