Impossible to revoke keys to sign URLs for mobile-only clients?

Hi everyone, we now pay over 150$/mo for Images and haven’t been able to contact support for months to revoke the key used to sign URLs of private images. We don’t know if those requests are legitimate or not but we can’t revoke the key ourselves to generate a new one. It looks like if you have a domain name you can pay a monthly plan for contacting support, but we are mobile-only and do not have a domain name associated to Cloudflare, only iOS apps, and we use Images and Workers.

Because of this we have spent the last few weeks prepared a plan to exit Cloudflare and switch to a competitor with good support, as it’s the only service we know without support for mobile app developers, but wanted to double-check with everyone in case there was something we were missing before we make the switch.

Can people confirm that it is indeed impossible for paid clients to contact Cloudflare if they do not do web-products, regardless of how much they spend on Images and Workers?

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What kind of contact have you tried? :thinking:
Have you tried writing a ticket via ?
If so, could you share a ticket number here with us so I could escalate that so someone from CF support will take a look at it.

Your issue about revoking a key for Images seems to be like it has happened alread in the past :thinking:

Thanks fritex, this is the issue, we are not allowed to write a ticket via the link, despite being paying clients.

It looks like it’s only accessible to clients that have a website/domain name managed by Cloudflare, and we don’t, we are mobile-only.

Cloudflare considers that we are on a Free Plan because we don’t have a monthly subscription associated to a domain name, which is a 20$ plan, but we pay over 150$ monthly now and it keeps growing, without us being able to revoke our key. On the page you sent, we see the following:
Customers on our Free plans can only submit tickets for billing, account, and registrar issues.

We also don’t have access to live chat on the right-hand side:
To activate chat support and speak with a customer support agent immediately, please upgrade to a Biz plan.

We’ve tried to send a technical support ticket anyway months ago, and were told to get a paid plan before support could help us, but we can’t do that without a domain name, so we have been in a catch-22 for months.

PS: the post you refer to is actually my own post, but we never received any answers from support after sharing the ideas and that thread is now closed to replies, so I wanted to give it another shot at trying to be able to talk to CF support.
In the meantime, we have studied competitors of Cloudflare for Images and workers etc. so that we can exit that uncomfortable situation.
(Impossible to revoke our API Token WITHOUT a domain name?)

Even if we ended up not finding a solution with CF and had to move away, to prevent other future clients being in our situation, could you please forward this feedback to the people responsible for support at CF? It sounds really weird not to have access to support despite spending money every month, but maybe they simply forgot to take into account that some companies are mobile-only?
FYI we would happily PAY for support if we had to, we don’t mind, but we can’t pay without a domain name and we don’t use one.

Thanks a lot

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I am really sorry to hear about this :confused:

I’ll take it from here. Will do what I could do the best at the moment for sure to help you and future cases :crossed_fingers:

Thank you very much. In the meantime, would you have ideas on how we could solve the problem and get the key revoked without a monthly plan linked to a domain name, at a time where our team is awake so that the app doesn’t break in production for too long?

Thanks a lot :pray:

Hi @kevin98,

There was a ticket opened: 3009697 where I requested to confirm if you would like to reroll the token on November 7th.

The token cannot be rerolled by Customers at the moment. It needs to be completed from Engineering.
We have a new ticket for this now: 3132073.

Please respond on this ticket to move this request forwards.

Thank you.

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We are following up in the ticket.

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