Impossible to invalidate cache, different behavior between regions

We have a caching problem using Cloudflare and firebase.
The current configuration is, multiple subdomains pointing to a firebase application. Each subdomain acts as a tenant for our application. The cache on the firebase side is disabled.

When we move a subdomain from one hosting to another (this action is on the firebase side, Cloudflare uses the same dns), the link serves the content of the old hosting.

We tried to purge the Cloudflare cache, added a page rule to bypass the cache but still, in France the domain serves the old version, but in Asia I have access to the new version.

Do you have any ideas ?

Thank you.

Huh, this could be related to our APO issues… Flushing is not working

Terrible, our website migration and seo is also impacted … The cache of the old website is breaking the seo with duplicate content …

Didn’t get it you want cache or not?

no, we want to purge everything