Impossible to access using smartphone / tablet

Describe the bug / To Reproduce:
Basically i’m using Cloudflare zero trust tunnel to access my proxmox machines.
I can access them using a computer navigator, but if i try to access using my android phone, i can’t.
It simple shows a white (empty) window.

Expected behavior:
It was expected that i can access it in computer, smartphone, tablet webbrowsers,
but i can only access using computer webbrowsers.

OS: Proxmox 7 (Debian 11)
Architecture: Intel
Version: Latest updated version

Any feedback related with this problem?

Is this a Cloudflare issue? If you are able to reach proxmox and get a white screen, then I would assume it is a proxmox issue.

I can access proxmox without tunnel.
I can access proxmox with tunnel (using pc browsers).
I can’t access proxmox with tunnel (using mobile browsers).
So yeah, idk what is the problem.
I’m just publishing here in Cloudflare community cause maybe there are more persons in the same situation that can help :wink:

I have the same problem, but what is interesting is that if you ask your device to show desktop view it works.

Not sure if this is helpful or not, but I also run Proxmox, version 7.3-4.
I noticed that a few of the mobile-only resources like sencha-touch-all-debug.js take sometimes ~4-5 seconds to load from the server, perhaps in part because it is 3.67MB and your mobile network might be a bit slower.
I get this behavior both via CF Tunnels and also just directly connecting to the proxmox web interface over LAN, so don’t think it’s Tunnel specific.
It does eventually load though if you give it ~10-15 seconds.

Test if you get the same behavior connecting locally via your phone, and if so, I would try proxmox’s forum to get help, as I don’t think this is a tunnel issue.