Impossible to access to my site


It’s impossible to access to my site:
Can you please help me to solve my problem ?

I have no idea why it doesn’t work.

Thank you.

That domain is not using Cloudflare. It’s using Google DNS and points to a Shopify IP address.

What prompted you to ask here at Cloudflare?


I’m surprised by your answer as Shopify support sent me here. I’m even more confused now…

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You didn’t mention that, nor did you mention that this is a new setup at Shopify.

Where was your site hosted before?

Nowhere, I just bought the domain from Shopify.

Ok. This is unexpected. Domain history shows it didn’t exist before three days ago, so I don’t know why Shopify can’t add your site.

Can you bug them again to try deleting, then re-adding it? I know they frequently send people here who had hosting before with another partner, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for your domain.

Did they maybe typo your domain name when they entered it?

Thank you for this information.
I have contacted them, I hope they will respond as quickly as you did!

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While you’re waiting for them, open a ticket here via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com with the subject of “Cannot remove custom host name

The ticket will auto-close, but you should get a ticket # in the response. Post that ticket # here so it can be our Plan B if Shopify can’t fix it.

Ok thank you.
Ticket number: #2323897

Ok, let us know how it goes with Shopify.


This is the shopify response:

To resolve your query, I went ahead and dug around for you. I can confirm that your domain is hosted with Shopify and the DNS settings are correct, but an SSL certificate cannot be provided by Shopify as there are Cloudflare headers that prevent this. Only Cloudflare can remove these headers, which they can do if you contact their support team. To contact them, you will need to create an account here so that you can create a support ticket.

This is an inaccurate response that somehow made it into their system. Please ask them which headers prevent this. I’m quite confident they don’t have an answer for that because it’s false. They usually end up doing some vague hand-waving in Cloudflare’s direction and can’t explain why they think it’s a headers issue.

Bottom line is that they can’t get your site to work without Cloudflare’s assistance. I’ll put your ticket number into the escalation queue now.

I am chatting with them and they tell me that by removing the DNS and SSL configurations, it should work.

What do you think?

I don’t know about the DNS part because it already points to Shopify. But if you have any SSL/TLS enabled in your Cloudflare dashboard, try turning it off: SSL Mode (Off), then check Edge Certificates to see if any are issued.

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