Impossibile to access to my account. Code 1022?

Hello everybody! From 16.11.2021 I have been experiencing a problem to access my account. After entering user/password I get this error:

"Email address/password do not match. (Code: 1022)"

I’m sure my user/password are correct because they are saved in 1Password.
Tried to get reset link but no email is sent (check also spam)
Tried to recover e-mail with domains and I get this error:

**“The domain provived isnt’ registered on the Internet […]”.

Update: 22.11.2021 Now the message that domain is not registered doesn’t appear but no mail is sent.

I have about 10 domains in my account. Any idea how to get back access to my account dashboard ?

I had to create a new temporary login to write this message!

Thanks for help

This is not possible at all.
and what is your domain name


I have about 10 domains in my account.

As I told you before, this is not possible. Either you don’t know the username or password, or you have forgotten the username or password.

Hi, I solved the problem.