Importing from another DNS provider

I am importing records from another provider. Everything went pretty smoothly except SRV records. The current provider has a record for a sip federation. The import for that record failed so I decided to recreate in CF. The issue seems to be, in CF, that protocol is required, whereas it is not at the other provider. So when I create the new record I use the @ for the root, give it a service name etc. etc. after record creation in CF the name now has a ._tls tagged to the end of the name where as the other provider does not. I believe that has to do with the protocol (required) in CF where it is not required in the other provider.
Basically I am wondering if the extra characters at the end of the name will break communications with the services

Well, the format of SRV records generally is


So the protocol is pretty much mandatory and should not be omitted.

For example, the following is an SRV record exported from Cloudflare	1	IN	SRV	0 0 0

Would you have an example of what you were trying to import? I’d assume your provider simply generated an invalid Bind file.

I do

Sorry should have omitted the asterisk as they signify “required”

If that says

it is missing the protocol and specifies the protocol as part of the service name, which does suggest

That should be

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