Importing domain records misses out a number of subdomains

I’m new to Cloudflare and was trying to set it up to proxy my webservers.

I entered the base domain name and it imported a bunch of DNS records automatically.

But then I discovered that my sites that were using sub domains stopped working.

It hadn’t imported most of the subdomain entries into Cloudflare.

If I get my current DNS file, there are 270 DNS entries. This is a number of subdomains, with all the SPF, Google entries and so on.

From what I can see, Cloudflare can only have 200 entries for the Free plan.

Does that mean that I can’t use cloudflare without paying for it?

Does it need to import ALL those entries? Presumably it has to have every single one so as to have the information as my records on my server.

If it really does need ALL those records, then I guess I’m hosed, or have to pay.

Split the bind file in two, make sure both files are valid bind files (I have not tested, but you probably need the SOA at the top of both files). Then do an import on each file.

Hmmm… So even though the total number of entries will exceed 200, that’s OK?

Is it just the import option that is limited to 200 entries?

The 200 is just a limit on bulk import. The limit on total records on free plans is 1000, increasing to 3500 on paid plans.

Awesome! Totally enough for me.

Splitting the file is no hardship :slight_smile:

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