Importing DNS records


I’ve found where Cloudflare provides a DNS record import capability by importing a file, but what would be most useful is to import from a NAMESERVER (not the nameserver I’m using in Cloudflare of course.)

The reason why this would be useful is that most web hosts provide nameserver services. And what I want is for the Cloudflare DNS entries to match the nameserver of the web host, so that when my DNS records change on the web host, I can easily get them into Cloudflare.

What would be super cool is if I could say for on Cloudflare:

[ x ] Automatically mirror DNS records for this domain from: []
[ Refresh Now ]

And have that happen periodically - once a day even, or if I click a refresh button

Is there anything like that on Cloudflare? If not… pretty please?

What you’re describing is Secondary DNS. That’s available on Enterprise plans.

It would be useful if AXFR was supported when adding a site to Cloudflare.

That crossed my mind, but then it requires special setup at the other end. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the IP address(es) at Cloudflare’s end were hard to pin down.

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