Importing DNS but suddenly 200 DNS records


Lately I have been having an issue.
If I want to import my DNS records of a domain Cloudflare suddenly adds 200 records of their own. And they point to

It’s been happening sometimes but right now we are experiencing issues with it for the first time.

Does somebody know what we do wrong or how to prevent this from happening again?

If you had a wildcard record on your old nameservers then this will probably happen.

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Okay that would explain a lot. We do have wildcard records standard. I’ll check that and verify.

Hi Kian,

I just checked.
That was indeed the case.

Thanks for the help and have an amazing day!

No problem.

To give some background to why, adding a domain does a ‘jump start’ that checks for a giant list of common records (since your domain doesn’t just have a list that anyone can check for subdomains).

Since you have a wildcard, Cloudflare got an answer for all the ones it checked for and therefore added them onto your new zone.

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