Importing Cloudflare images into Woocommerce

I have a Woocommerce online store and I recently signed up for Cloudflare Images so I wouldn’t crowd my website server with images for 1000s of products. I add new products by putting all of the details into a spreadsheet with each column mapped to an attribute on Woocommerce. I then download the file as a .csv file and import it into my Woocommerce product database.

Previously, I would load my pictures into my Woocommerce media gallery and then use the URL in the image column of my spreadsheet to put the URL to map to the image attribute. The Woocommerce URLs would always end in .jpg and I never had an issue. Now when I tried to do the same thing with the Cloudflare Image URL, it would not recognize the format and rejected my attempts to import. Does anyone know how to correct this so I can import my pictures from Cloudflare Images?