Importing an origin SSL certificate


I am after some assistance. We have an RD Gateway software (not the standard MS RD GW) installed on Microsoft Server 2022.

I am trying to secure it with an SSL CA generated from Cloudflare and import into the gateway software. Problem is, i am required to enter a PEM certificate and a private key. How do i get the private key from setting up from Cloudflare to origin to secure it to my private Server 2022? I am not being given a private key from Cloudflare and can’t get any further.

Many thanks.

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Did you create a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate?

It sounds like you may currently only have an edge certificate. You won’t ever get the key for that. It can only be used by the Cloudflare proxy.

Thank you for your reply.

I have created a Client Certificate and then selected “Use my private key and CSR” so that i could bind this to a DNS record i.e. remote . domain . com

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