Imported my website from another Cloudflare account, and now I have errors resolving the IP

I imported my website from another cloudflare account I couldn’t find the login for. I changed the nameservers as requested. My IP addresses changed and I have duplicates. My website no longer resolves. I deleted one set to see if that would solve the problem but nothing is working/

What is the website? (It’s just cut off in the screenshot)

Sorry, should have looked closer. Your DNS has Cloudflare IP addresses for the A and AAAA records. Where is your website hosted? It should be their IP addresses entered for A/AAAA.

Trying to reach out to them. It’s odd that the import on cloudflare added a second set of DNS and I have no idea what the original was.

Cloudflare has imported the public IP addresses for your website, which were Cloudflare IP addresses.

It isn’t really odd at all.

If I could just add your domain name on my account, and that Cloudflare would magically expose the IP addresses of your hosting to me, it could be catastrophic.

If you still have access to the original account, that you refer to as “another Cloudflare account”, the information could maybe be accessible there.

If that for some reason isn’t possible, the alternative would be to retrieve the correct IP address(es) from the hosting provider.

Note: At your screenshot, the bottom most TXT (“v=DKIM1;”), and the third TXT from the bottom, “v=DMARC1;”, both of which are having your apex / naked domain in the “Name” column alone, are actually useless, and can be deleted.

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