Imported DNS records

I’ve imported roughly 1200 DNS records under a professional plan domain. However, besides the zonefile is good, the records are not working.

I cannot look them u, the TTL is low, proxy is disabled (DNS-only). How can I look and see what is happening?

Even when I export the file I see the correct entries :frowning:

Do they show up in your DNS control panel? Whats the domain?

Yes, they show in the DNS control panel. Can I send the URL in private?

In that case they should resolve, assuming of course the nameservers are set correctly.

If you dont want to post the domain here, you can run a check at and post here the time whe you ran it.

Just posted Sandro, timestamp 9:24 :wink:

Domain seems to be properly set up and the standard records resolve fine. Which one do you believe does not?

I’ve imported about 1260 records to point to my private SQUID servers, with DNS only as Cloudflare can’t handle dynamic ports.

So I have from for example to

Pretty strange, I’ve used the nameserver(s) of CF to check, Google, everything.

There does not seem to be a record.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records? You can redact the domain itself and the IP addresses.

It’s strange behaviour, I have plenty of domains, never had these issues so far.

Hmm, what does the alert triangle on the left say? Presumably warns about the address exposed, right?

My guess would be something went wrong during the import. Maybe try again and should it still not work, it would be time for a support ticket.

Yeah, about exposing the DNS. I made an export again this morning and tried re-importing it, but that didn’t work either.

I’ll try to remove all the DNS entried through the API again first now and re-re-import :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you import it? Via the UI or via the API?

I deleted the records through API and imported them with a zonefile (.txt)

Maybe try to import them via the API as well. There have been issues lately with imports via zone files.

Yeah, well I couldn’t find any proper way (except some PHP ■■■■) to import loads of DNS records in once with DNS only option.

To delete records I used this one:

NVM found:

If there is an issue with zone import via the UI, I would assume this will apply here as well. I’d import them one by one and check after - lets say - twenty whether it works.

Nonetheless, I’d open a support ticket though.

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